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October 28, 2010


WARNING to renters in Pollock Pines, CA. SHARON POTTER, 2808 LOYAL LANE, POLLOCK PINES, CA 95726, is a violent, dangerous, mentally ill Slumlord that will con you out of money & personal belongings while being verbaly & physically abusive. Sharon Potter has turned off the power, propane, water & cable. No smoke detectors, nailed closed the back door, removed steps to front door. Does not provide trash pick up. Blocks vehicle from leaving. Vandalizes vehicles and personal property. Threatens with bodily harm if rent is not paid a day early. Throws wood at walls, stomps on her floor (tenants ceiling) all day and night. Intercepts mail for tentant. Harrasses visitors including family members. Writes threatening, verbally abusive letters and verbally abuses tenant daily. Locks up belongings as she still has from other prior tenants. Has caused neighbors on both sides to move prompting law suits. Will not repair water leak that has caused mold in kitchen & hall. CONCERNED RESIDENT!
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