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November 14, 2010

Unethical landlord in Pollock Pines

Notification of unethical landlord renting a dwelling that is not habitable for humans. The rental is located at 2808 Loyal Lane, Pollock Pine, CA 95726, the landlord is the owner who resides on the property. The rental is a converted basement apartment that is not up to code for a rental, is contaminated with mold, does not have smoke detector, emergency exits are blocked or missing stairs, no ventilation in the kitchen or hall area. The owner does not provide trash pick up and lets it accumulate on the property. The landlord has turned off the propane (the only source of heat to the apartment) turns off the electricity weekly, stopped hot water to the apartment. The landlord intercepts mail that is addressed to the tennants and does not deliver it to them. Various and continuous harrassment is daily. There has been 12 tennants in this apartment in the past 14 months all have left due to the issues above and other harrassment.
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