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December 31, 2010

Never Forget...

Michael Vick: Is it Remorse or is it Public Relations Spin?

Are you one of those who believes Michael Vick is truly sorry for what he did to hundreds of dogs he tortured and/or killed?  Do you think he’s doing enough to show how much he’s sorry for what he did?  Read on.
Michael Vick’s message of redemption and remorse isn’t going to reach a lot of folks who need to hear it by the sounds of things.  From the AP article referenced below, Vick reportedly shows up in Decatur, Georgia (can you say Atlanta Falcons?) to speak to low-income youths regarding the perils of getting involved in dog fighting. Remember this is the action that everyone is hailing as the reason Vick deserves a second chance to make millions of dollars. 
Michael Vick's Dog Fighting Compound There’s only one small problem with it as I see it.  You see, not only was nobody invited to hear what Vick had to say, (Vick’s “handlers” hand-picked the entire “crowd” of 55 people who were allowed in to hear him speak) but they also banned all media from the appearance. So there is no real record or witness to what it was exactly that he said if anything!
Police were actually called in to banish the Associate Press folks from the property.  Most of the people in this low-income community with kids who really could have benefitted from hearing a so-called “football star” speak with sincere remorse for his crimes were not even aware he was going to be in the neighborhood. Apparently lots of people showed up eventually once word got around that Vick was in the neighborhood but by the time, the opportunity was gone. 
Vicks arrived and left 12 minutes later in a long black limousine looking for all the world like a regaled celebrity.
Michael Vick dog fighting victim 1 WTF is that?  And what really gets my goat here is that this whole farce of atonement for Vicks is being supported and enabled by the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States). 
Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society, said the group wants to be open and reach as many people as possible with its anti-dog fighting message. But the tightly controlled appearance comes as Vick is trying to rehabilitate his image and ease his path back to the NFL.
The Humane Society did not publicize the event, going along with the media plan laid out by Vick’s handlers even if it meant missing the chance to make a real impact in a community where he is still revered for his brilliant play during six years with the Falcons. .
Brilliant play? Brilliant play?  Obviously Pacelle is a biased football fan and therefore should remove himself from this case completely! I don’t care if the moron was a championship team all in one body he is still a convicted dog fighting felon!   
"We’re giving him an opportunity to plug into our community-based forums," Pacelle said. "But he obviously has his own set of individuals who are working with him and want to present things in the way they want."Michael Vick Digging up dead Dogs at Compound 2
Hold on just one cotton pickin’ minute here! Who is this pansy Pacelle anyway and why is he speaking in tongues?  Just who is in charge here? The HSUS or Vicks’ handlers?  Obviously Vick is being allowed to dictate when, where, who and what he will do on his “oh so remorseful” attempt to right his past wrongs.  Why do we even need to hear what Pansy Pacelle has to say? It’s painfully obvious that neither he or his weak kneed organization appear to have any control whatsoever on Vick’s so called tour of appearances to speak out on the wrongs of dog fighting. 
I read somewhere that if another common man, black or white, had spent 18 months in jail, it would be almost impossible for him to get a job doing anything as most employers shy away from hiring convicted felons. Even sweeping floors or picking up garbage would be difficult to find for a ex-convict. Michael Vick Dog fighting Home
So for those of you who still cling to the opinion that Michael Vick has done his time, is not being treated like a celebrity and is now making amends, read the article included in the link below. 

It is my opinion that this whole “I’m so sorry and I’m going to make things right” journey of Michael Vick’s is nothing but a load of bullshit!
   Read full story: Vick at event in Atlanta suburbs
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