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January 31, 2011

Comedy, Preschooler Style...

Is your kid cracking you up? Two-year-olds can be hysterical, especially when they're perfectly serious. The way they interact with the world can be downright slapstick, and their imprecise mastery of English can lead to butchered phrases that rival Dr. Seuss for creativity. The hardest part may be keeping a straight face when you have to discipline your child for doing something wrong when she looked so cute doing it!

Dining Etiquette Your child has a healthy appetite — yay! — but there's one problem: She won't sit still at mealtimes or use utensils. Now what?
• Help your child develop table manners
• How to get your child to stop playing with food
Hassle-free restaurant meals with your 2-year-old
 Parent Tip I find that if I talk quietly and calmly to my son, it diffuses his frustration and he listens much better. If I tell him "Don't jump on the couch" and he yells "Nooooo!!" I simply walk over, hold both his hands, look him in the eye, and tell him again quietly.
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