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January 24, 2011

Honor Vietnam Veterans...

More than 58,000 men and women never came home from the Vietnam War and those that did were met with ridicule and contempt. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is a reminder of veterans' sacrifice, service and uncommon courage, as well as a place where the injustice that returning veterans faced could at long last be rectified.

But The Wall can't uphold the memory of Vietnam veterans without your support.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund works to preserve the legacy of the brave Americans who served in Vietnam as well as promote healing and educate people about the impact of the war, so that we can explore and reflect on this critical time in history with a wiser eye toward the future.

More than 80,000 items have been left at The Wall to honor Vietnam veterans, but we know not everyone can make it to Washington D.C. Write a message or simply sign your name in honor of these brave men and women, and we'll keep you updated on how you can protect the legacy of Vietnam veterans.

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