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January 3, 2011

Our 1st Amendment...

Today I had an experience that was well worth the stress that led up to it. I have been involved in a civil matter regarding some postings on my blog. Well today justice and the American way went my way. I was accused of being a "cyber bully" and taken to court over it. The judge did not hesitate to inform the plaintiff of my 1st Amendment right and dismissed the case without any further discussion. So my point is excercise your rights and do and say what you feel, it is the American way. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press, we have the right to speak, post, and publish our thoughts and feeling on things that matter to us and affect our lives. Sometimes you have to go public with an issue to get results, which is what I did to resolve my ongoing issue with my former slumlord. In retaliation to me complaining about the several things needing repairs as well as the condition and safety of my apartment my landlord attempted to evict me and have a retraining order placed on me for up to three years barring me from using the internet to voice my oppinions and concerns. She was given a very good lesson on the 1st Amendment and that was all she was given. I kept me freedom of speech and press and was able to move out without having an eviction on my credit report. The support I recieved from my family and friends helped keep me focused and not give up . Another great support system I had was a website called my connections there were a big help by sharing their stories and showing me how to play by the rules and excercise my rights to develop the knowledge and strength needed to continue to fight for what I believe in and for what I as an american deserve and not let anyone intimidate me or try to suppress me when I am only stating the truth and facts to get the results I deserve. Thanks to everyone who stood behind me and for all your support, together we made a statement and in doing so we were reminded of our civil rights and that they do work for us.
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