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January 17, 2011

Push For Better Treatment of Animals in Shelters

Target was a dog that served with the US military in Afghanistan. Targets frightened a suicide bomber at a US military base, quite possibly saving dozens of lives.After being brought back to the United Sates Target escaped from her owners backyard on a Friday in November.Target was mistakenly euthanized at an Arizona dog shelter the following Monday.
We can not allow mistakes like these to happen. Push for Congress to provide legislation for stricter procedures relating to animal euthanasia and better treatment of animals at shelters so as to prevent such tragedies from happening again.
We the undersigned are shocked and at the least disappointed at the tragic mistakes made at a Pinal County Arizona animal shelter.
Target was a heroic dog that helped save many lives. She had served alongside US military in Afghanistan, at one point potentially saving dozens of lives from a would be suicide bomber. In November of 2010, after returning to the United States, she was mistakenly euthanized at a dog shelter in Arizona. Target was clearly not supposed to be euthanized, making such a mistake unacceptable.We can not allow for such tragedies to continue to occur. This letter calls for the need of stricter animal euthanasia procedures and better treatment of animals at shelters.  Thank you for taking time out of your day  to read this letter. I hope that you consider the need for these changes, protecting peoples animal companions all across the nation.
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