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January 23, 2011

Week 32...

At this point your baby can register information from all five of its senses.

While your baby’s senses may be prepared to process information, certain senses have limited opportunities to operate. Since the baby doesn’t breathe air inside your uterus, the sense of smell is on hold until after birth.
The hair on your baby’s head is growing longer. Depending on the genetic tendencies in your family and that of the baby’s father, your baby will either be born with a full head of hair or a very sparse hair pattern on its scalp. Both are completely normal.
Computer generated image reconstructed from scanned human data of a seven month old fetus. Actual size of fetus = 12+ inches. The age is calculated from the day of fertilization. The developing ear can be distinguished on the right side of the head. The eye is visible and is partially open. When the eyelids fuse, the eyes close for a period of time until around the twenty-sixth week of fetal development. At this time, they open partially and the eyelashes begin to develop. As the fetus continues to grow in size, the upper and lower limbs elongate. Fat, which serves as an insulator and energy source, forms during the seventeenth to twentieth weeks of fetal development. The skin smooths out and looks paler as the fat deposits accumulate underneath.
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