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February 23, 2011

2011 Astrology from (Indian Astrology Site)

Sagittarius 2011 Horoscope, 2011 Sagittarius Astrology

After a couple of year’s time you are going to regain rhythm in your life. After the first half of 2011 your life will start having good flow money. The long standing issues in the professional life will be ending now. Your happiness in the family and personal life will increase. Those who are awaiting a child will be blessed this year.

Career, Incomes and Gains
The transit of Jupiter through the 4th house and Saturn through the tenth house where causing many a tensions for you in professional life till date.

In May 2011 Jupiter will move from the 4th house to the 5th house and then onwards the said good period will start. You must have gone through many unhappy situations in the professional life since a couple of years. You might have anticipated for a change in career. All these will happen this year after May. You will get in to a good Job by Sept-Oct 2011. The new job will provide you monetary benefits and much anticipated professional satisfaction. Those who are planning to go abroad may succeed in doing so by the end of the year. You will need to plan accordingly and put your best efforts since transit Saturn will not make things easy for you. Many of you may be anticipating a change of place too and even that could happen in this period. Those who are in to service will get a transfer this year and that too the place you are wishing to move. Those who are in to business there will be projects coming up from unexpected sources.

The transit of Saturn will keep giving you insecure situations in the professional life. The increments and elevations will get delayed. You may take up a conflict with one of your superior but that may not give you an advantages situation rather it will be keeping you in a pensive mood. The positive transit of Jupiter will help you to be in control of the situation.

The Rahu Ketu axis will move from 1st and 7th houses to 12th and 6th houses causing advantage to you. You might over come the issues related relations at the professional circle and partnerships in business after May 2011 when this axis will make the said transit.

Love, Family and Social Life
The planetary influences this year will cause you mixed results in life. You may experience discord in partnership, domestic unhappiness and strained relations with spouse or family members in the first half the year. The warmth and goodwill will you generate now is likely to be a benefit to you both now and later on. The second half will provide you a highly happy time around.

Education and Traveling
The transit of Saturn through the 10th house having aspect over the fourth house will create issues for students born under this sign. Hence, Students need to put more efforts into their studies otherwise their result will let them down. You may acquire success as per your satisfaction only after July of 2011. The second half of the year will prove to be more result oriented.

Try to avoid any travels as it might not fruitful till June 2011. Probably, The second half will be the best time for traveling for any important purpose. But a few short journeys are awaited for you throughout the year.

Due to influence of Rahu-Ketu axis over the Lagna till May 2011 the health would be a major cause of concern. You might have to face little obstructions in your routine life. Your breathing system and bones are going to get affected. The second half will be better in many ways.

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