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February 7, 2011

"Aquarius; The Electric Goddess"
As its name suggests, the constellation Aquarius is often associated with water. It is generally drawn as a man pouring water from a bucket. This could be because the sun enters Aquarius as the rainy season is just beginning. It represents either Ganymedes, the cup bearer of Heaven, or King Cecrops of Athens, who reigned before wine was discovered. Two of the stars, Sadalmelik and Sadalsuud, are twin stars, meaning lucky one of the king and luckiest of the lucky, respectively. Sadalachbia means the lucky star of hidden things. Luck was important at this time, because the amount of water that was received when the sun entered Aquarius would determine the fate of the year. In six hundred years, the sun will reach its vernal equinox in Aquarius. Aquarius is most easily visible in September.

Aquarius; sign for people born between January 20 and February 18.

The Electric Goddess is the link between Heaven and Earth Aquarius stands in the light of the sun and full moon, lightning bolts shooting from her fingertips into the celestial sky. The other hand holds an urn pouring water, constantly flowing into the river of collective unconscious. Explosive, guiding force of evolutionary thought, a symbol of awakened spirituality, flows to the infinite ocean. Aquarius woman is like a spark, the bearer of erratic change, and the distant thunder of darkening skies, carries the message of eternal life.
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