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February 2, 2011

Aromatherapy During Labor...

The use of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils during Labor:
The benefits of aromatherapy during labor are immense. Essential oils can make the experience as pleasant and easy as possible for both the mother and the baby by creating a relaxing, comfortable and stress-free environment for labor. Essential oils diffused in the delivery room will help cleanse the air and provide a familiar and welcoming scent for the baby.

Recommended Oils to be used during childbirth are:
Lavender and Clary Sage are essential oils that promote peace and relaxation. Inhale this oil between contractions for enhanced strength, stamina and endurance levels during delivery.

Labor Massage:As soon as contractions set in, ask your partner or friend to help you with a firm massage onto your lower back.  The combination of aromatherapy and massage will help ease muscular pain and impart a feeling of confidence and reassurance. Have this blend of oils ready at least one week before your due date.

4 oz of carrier oil
8 drops lavender
8 drops clary sage
8 drops geranium
5 drops fennel
5 drops grapefruit

Pour ½ teaspoon of your LABOR BLEND on the palm of the hand and massage the lower back as often as needed. I first discovered the therapeutic benefits of this aromatherapy blend when I gave birth to my son. Ever since, I have been able to help many women cope with pregnancy and delivery.  The results have always been consistent – women have reported a general feeling of well-being and confidence.  The aromatic oils infuse a sense of self-assurance and minimize the pain.  The essential oils in this aromatherapy blend  are helpful because they:

Relieve anxiety and fear
Improve circulation and breathing
Infuse a feeling of “I can do it!”
Provide pain relief
Help induce contractions
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