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February 2, 2011

Parent & Child Horoscope Compatability...

The Aqaurius Parent & Cancer Child, how they relate & interact together:

Your parenting instinct is to present your child to the world's many wonderful people and experiences, but your little Cancer may not adapt well to your idea of a well-rounded childhood. Emotionally and physically sensitive, this little one prefers the comforts of home to the overwhelming rigors of the outside world.

When he feels afraid or overstimulated which may be frequently he withdraws into self-protection mode. He might also suffer from physical symptoms such as tummy aches when he feels stressed, so if you notice your little Cancer complaining repeatedly about not feeling well, it's a sign that some component of his emotional health needs addressing. You're rather emotionally reserved, and your Cancer child needs lots of closeness and reassurance to thrive. In the end, it will be you who steps outside your comfort zone in order to nurture and protect your child.
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