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February 27, 2011

☻ ♥ Positive Daily QuoteS ♥☻

Plant impossible Gardens. Look forward to Dreams.
Cry during Movies. Swing as high as You can on a swingset, by Moonlight. Cultivate Moods. Do it for Love. Take lots of Naps.Take Moonbaths. Giggle with Children. Listen to old People. Drive away Fear. Play with Everything. Entertain Your inner Child. Build a fort with Blankets. Get Wet. Hug Trees. Write Love Letters. Listen more Carefully. Notice the seasons Change. Hold hands with someone You Love. Give more Hugs. Watch more Sunsets. Take Walks. Sing out Loud more often Square Dance a little. Have more Picnics. Make Friends wherever You go. Feel good about Yourself. Daydream a little. Laugh as much as Possible. Take Your shoes off. Use Your Imagination. Tell more Stories...

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