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March 11, 2011

We are having a baby!!!

My daughter, Ashley is in the hospital about to give birth to her second child, a baby girl she has named Abbygail Lyla who will be joining her big brother AJ who is 2 1/2 years old. Ashley is at 5cms and has been given an epidural so there is no turning back now, her water has broken and the baby is on her way. Ashley is hoping to hold off until after midnight tonight because she wants Abbygail to be born on the 12th because Ashley's birthday is Feb. 12th., that's really cute actually. So by tomorrow we will will have a new addition to our family a beautiful little baby girl who I know is going to look just like her mommy did 20 years ago when I gave birth to her on Feb. 12th, 1992 at 11:03am. We will see how close Ashley comes to hitting that time frame for her little girl to be born. Everyone please keep my daughter, son-in-law and my grandson in your thoughts and prayers thoughout this night, forever and wish them only wonderful things to come and a lifetime of happiness, health, joy & love. I love you Ashley, Alan, AJ & Abbygail so much and can not wait to meet you Abby and see all of you very soon. Ashley & Alan you are wonderful parents to my little AJ and I know you are going to be great for Abby as well, I am so proud of you and your doing a great job. I miss you and will see you tomorrow with your new little pink bundle and my little baby boy to. LOVE YOUR MOM!!!

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