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April 28, 2011

Android's Dog Wars video game back on market

"Dog Wars" only temporarily off market due to copyright infringement issues as stated by bloggers
Yesterday there were a few media reports that the Android's "Dog Wars" app had been mysteriously pulled from the market. A new search now shows the virtual dog fighting game is back. Blogger reports stated the game was pulled temporarily because of copyright infringement issues.

The "Dog Wars" game concept to train your dog to be the best fighting dog has aroused international disgust. The concept of promoting dog fighting has brought out severe criticism to Kage Games, the program game developer. The game maker insists they are not promoting the illegal sport, however the logo shows a realistic picture of a pit bull with a bloody muzzle. Gage Games states it is all a satire and a portion of the profits will be given to animal rescues. Most humane advocates and animal lovers believe the offer to give a part of the profits to resuce organizations is merely a public relations ploy.

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