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April 14, 2011

Local Ear Wiz Business Owner in Placerville

Who knew? A small Northern California community located in El Dorado County called Placerville is the home of a business tycoon, Bill Judd the business partner of the inventor the Ear Wiz. The Ear Wiz started out as an idea for a safe way to clean the wax out of your ears and an alternative to the traditional Q-tip which has been found to be dangerous to the ear drum.

Now the Ear Wiz is a multi-million dollar invention that high amazingly taken off and sold millions around the world and in every drug store in town. This little tiny invention that no one thought would ever get to the hight it has risen to.

Ear-Wiz Ear Wax RemoverThe bigger surprise is that the man behind the ears is a small town resident with a little humble two man shipping warehouse right in our own backyards.

For more information on Bill Judd and the Ear Wiz success, please go to and see for yourself then of course give him a call anytime or even easier just order some right there on the site and tell your friends about this success story and see that anyone can do it.
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