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April 29, 2011


Tell Mr. Obama to extend unemployment benefits beyond 99 weeks!


  • The President of the United States
  • The U.S. Senate
  • The U.S. House of Representatives
  • The Governor of CA
  • The CA State Senate
  • The CA State House


More than 365,000 people unemployed & out of unemployment benefits.

The federal legislation enacted on December 17, 2010, does not include any additional weeks of extended benefits, so the maximum total remains up to 99 weeks of benefits. As of March 14, 2011, there have been more than 365,000 unemployed workers in California who have run out of all available benefits, up to the 99 week maximum.

"99 Weekers" are still the same people they were when they where only "20 weekers" just time has passed but nothing else has. They continue to look for work and try to pay the bills. My husband has a Class A Driver's License as well as a Crane Operator's Certificate and can not find a job.

We have been forced to live in a Motorhome without power and water. We lost our house when he lost his job. We have moved five times this past year. We are now going on our fourth month with zero income and from what I have read there is no future extensions for unemployment benefits. Why put a cap on it, who came up with this 99 weeks? As long as the economy is the way it is and there are no jobs the unemployment benefits should be there. He has worked full time his whole adult life and has never claimed unemployment until he lost his job last year. So why is it that he is being punished by not receiving any more unemployment even though he is still the same person he was when he got laid off and began collecting unemployment, he is still actively looking for work and is more than capable of working. We deserve an explanation as to why the rules change at 99 weeks, the unemployed did not change.

Please sign this petition and show your support for the unemployed workers of this country that are doing their part by looking for work and staying out of trouble and keeping their certificates and licenses up to date. For this they deserve the extention.


Extend the FED ED, to grant another unemployment benefits extention to the 99 weekers.
We, the families of the "99 weekers" are asking that a FED ED extention be granted to those who have completely run out of unemployment benefits.

The "99 weekers" are still the same people they that applied for and received benenfits when they where laid off of the jobs, they are still actively looking for work, they still hold certificates and licenses in their fields of expertise. They deserve another extention.

In addition to requesting that the 99 weeks be extended beyond that, we would also request an explanation as to how the 99 weeks became the cap. Why is their a cap on benefits when there is no cap on the unemployed and their needs.

It is becoming a matter of life or death, some are now homeless or soon to be, most are very depressed due to know light of hope in sight.

Please grant an extention and please explain why we are suffering for being unemployed for over 99 weeks, why is their a cap?

The families of the 99 weekers are demanding an extention, an explanation and a fix to this dangerouse matter NOW!


Online petitions work with the support of the public and by signing this you are showing your support. There are thousands of people in the same situation, even if you are not please sign for those who are. Every signature counts and is very much appriated!

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