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May 26, 2011

Childproofing your home...

It's never too early to start childproofing your home! Below you will find a handy checklist to help make your living space safer for your infant and toddler.

Around the house...
o Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector (CO detector)
o Install or test Smoke Detectors (test monthly)
o Fire Extinguisher
o First Aid Kit
o Emergency Telephone Numbers in an easy to reach place
o Escape Route mapped out
o Childproof Locks on all cabinets containing poisons, glass, or sharp objects (like knives)
o Plastic Plates to cover outlets
o Padding or Bumpers to cover sharp edges on furniture
o Nonslip Pads under rugs
o Slip Resistant Infant Bathtub

In the nursery...
o Be sure the bassinet has a wide, stable base and sturdy bottom.
o Check the bassinet surface for sharp edges
o Are the bassinet’s legs secure?
o Is the mattress firm and does it fit snuggly?
o Be sure to remove all soft/fluffy bedding/pillows from bassinet & crib
o Does your changing table have a safety strap?
o Is there soft carpeting under the changing table…in case of a fall?
o Are all baby wipes and other changing supplies out of your baby’s reach when they are placed on the table?
o Are the slats no more than 2 3/8 inches apart on your baby’s crib?
o Be sure there are no cutouts on your crib that can trap your baby’s head or limbs.
o Is the crib mattress firm?
o Does the crib mattress fit firmly?
o Is the crib away from windows, heaters, lamps, cords, wall decorations or any other furniture that your
baby will eventually be able to climb?
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