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May 14, 2011

Code Orange...Helping Vietnam Vets suffering from Parkinsons

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Code Orange exsists to help Vietnam Vets exposed to Agent Orange that are currently being denied dissability for Parkinsons disease get on their feet and get the medical help they require.

Currently one of the biggest illeness that has been directly linked to Agent Orange is Parkinsons Disease. Since December of 2008 only 5 people have been granted partial dissability from the VA for Parkinsons Disease caused by Agent Orange Exposure. It was a fight for many years before it was granted.

"There is a large number of Vietnam and other Agent Orange (AO) exposed Veterans, who are suffering from early onset Parkinson’s disease (PD). This is a progressive disease with no cure. They face a less than bright future. Let us be clear, the Parkinson’s disease these Veterans have, results from toxins they were exposed to while serving their Country.

These Veterans served their Country in one of the most trying time for the U.S. Armed Forces and our Nation. They were healthy young men fighting battles in jungles and rice paddies thousands of miles from home. Standing up and being counted when called on by their Nation’s leaders and suffering abuse and ridicule from many of their fellow citizens when they returned home. “Welcome Home” are words that our Nation failed to say then……are the words that the DVA fails to say now as they deny and delay care and help. Welcome Home, a greeting Veterans pass back and forth between themselves, waiting for our Nation to say it from the heart.

Now they are sick and in some cases unable to stand up for themselves, battling a disease that takes a heavy toll on them and their families. These Patriots and their families should not have to battle for the care and help they need and deserve. The care that a grateful Nation should willingly offer and provide. The care that is in fact, “Welcome Home”.

Many have already lost the battle with Parkinson’s. Dead, leaving behind a devastated family. The remaining Veterans ask you to stand up and take up their battle.... as you asked them to stand up and take up the Nation’s battles many years ago.

Please pledge your support and vote to win this battle. Honor these brave men and women; place Parkinson’s on the list of diseases that are presumptive to exposure to toxins and herbicides, including Agent Orange…….. let them hear “Welcome Home”.

Alan B. Oates
A Proud US Vietnam Veteran"
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