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May 27, 2011

Honor Vietnam Veterans & All Veterans All Year Long!

I would just like to remind everyone this Memorial Day to honor our Vietnam Veterans, those who have left us and those who are still with us. Please take a minute this holiday and remember what they did for us and went through so we can be free today. Most importantly realize Vietnam Veterans are still giving their all every minute of everyday with their health issues that have surfaced within the last ten years due to exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam during the war. It is only right that we realize this and remember this every minute of everyday and never forget. I have listed a few links to some very good websites with information linking illnesses that our aging Vietnam Veterans are dealing with today back to Agent Orange many years ago. Please go to these sites and get the information and tell your family and friends, someone may be suffering and have not realized it may be from exposure.

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Agent Orange Legacy

Vietnam Veterans of America

Vietnam Now

Thank you and please remember all of our Veterans this Memorial Day.

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