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May 6, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Flight in Napa, CA

Discover the unforgettable thrill of soaring through the sky on a blissful hot air balloon flight and enjoy panoramic vistas across the landscape. Choose a gift certificate from the options below and make someone's dream come true. Or call us today on 1-866-987-9876 to book your place. See Napa as never before and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views over its open fields and rolling hills. Soar like a bird over California's celebrated vineyards and orchards, and discover why few places on earth can rival Napa for natural beauty. Watch the wildlife below as you glide over lakes, citrus groves, wineries and estate homes and view the region's most popular attractions from from a totally unique perspective. Start the day at sunrise or sunset and enjoy the thrill of watching as your balloon is inflated with cold, then hot air before you climb into the basket and soar high into the sky. You'll never forget the sensation of floating on air with just the sound of the breeze and your own heartbeat as accompaniment. A truly magical adventure that is available to enjoy year round.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Hot Air Balloon Flight for Two

This amazing hot air balloon adventure is for two people. Share the magic with someone special.
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