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May 19, 2011

Vietnam Veterans Wall Is Coming To California!

The Wall That Heals is coming to your part of the country. I thought you might want to know so you can put it on your calendar and start planning your visit.

The traveling half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial will be at
Yorba Park, Orange, CA on June 16 - 19.

This will give me closure to some things that have been building up in me for many years.
– Jim Brown, Vietnam Veteran

That was a comment from Jim Brown when The Wall That Heals came to his town. In addition to the half-scale replica of The Wall, there’s also a museum and information center. Look up fallen comrades or a family member; and share a photo of someone you know on The Wall. The education offered by the museum is amazing. The exhibits and memorabilia include photos of heroes honored on The Wall. You’ll also find a map of and a chronological history of the war.

This is much different than reading about it in a history book. The half-scale replica of The Wall, the museum and its exhibits, plus the information center all combine for a moving experience. Family members, students, and even people from your community with no direct connection to the Vietnam War will be grateful they came. They’ll understand what this war meant for our country, and what it meant to all who served.

Yes, having The Wall That Heals in your area is a rare opportunity to reflect, heal, and share your experiences with fellow veterans, family, and your community.

I do hope you’ll visit The Wall That Heals when it’s at Yorba Park, Orange, CA on June 16 - 19.

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