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June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Bobby!

Today is my step son's birthday, Bobby Green who is in Heaven.

He left us two years ago to go where he could be our Guardian Angel and watch over all of us. I know he is especially paying attention to his little Sister, Ashley and her two babies, AJ & Abby who are three years old and three months old. He also has a big job of keeping an eye on his younger Brother, Jeremy who likes to have fun, sometimes too much but he is a great kid and doing really good. Ashley, Alan & the babies are doing great as well. We all love and miss you Bobby, keep up the great job you are doing as our Guardian (who is 24 today), It's hard to imagine you being 24 years old but harder to realize you are not here. I miss you every day and what keeps me positive is knowing you are ok and that you will make sure your Sister and her babies are all good and your Brother is good. We will all see you someday, you can stop by and visit anytime. Just being funny with you as you are always laughing and making everyone laugh, that's how I see you when I picture you now, is laughing, stay that way!
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