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July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony acquitted in daughter's murder?!

I am shocked over the verdict in the Casey Anthony Murder Trial, this person was tried for murdering her two year old daughter, Caylee. After a year of evidence and discovery then on to trial, the jury actually "Acquits" this psychopath. Not a miss-trial or a hung jury an actual "ACQUITTAL"!

I have attached some links to follow showing the time line as well as evidence and some disgusting pictures of a so called mother just days after her two year old went missing, partying when she should have been searching and then grieving.

Obviously the system and/or the Florida Courts really messed this one up. It is amazing how just a few stupid people can really screw up and drag out a trial that should have been over in a matter of minutes ending with a death penalty for a completely insane, inhumane and mental bitch.

The actual victim here is the darling little two year old Caylee who did not deserve to have her life end so early and then after she passed have her so called mom make a complete idiot out of herself and the whole court room into a comedy act.

Caylee will be remembered as a beautiful, sweet and darling little girl that she was regardless of anything or anyone, no one can take away the smile she had and the sweetness she will always have.

Below you will find several links to the news websites who are showing the shocking verdict. There are also links to websites that show the timeline as well as the evidence in this case.

Of course the above statements are only my opinion but I'm sure alot of people have the same opinion as I do. You will also see alot of pictures that show just what kind of "mother" Casey WAS!
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