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July 8, 2011

Facebook's New App, Pet Pardons is a Wonderful Idea!

Facebook has added a new application to their many they already have but this app is special because it helps save pets that are on death row. You simply go to the Pet Pardons App Page, install the app and click on the pet you would like to be an advocate for and it will instantly broadcast on your page that you have helped to pardon a pet before it's too late.

Today I installed the app and my first pet that chose to help pardon is Bluebell...

This is Bluebell the Dog - Pit Bull Terrier

Bluebell is scheduled to be put down at Pets Are for Life(PALS) TODAY! Contact Debbie Vaughan-Shubert before it's too late!

Please click on the link above and install the Pet Pardons App on your Facebook page to help pets and be an advocate for those who need us the most. Thank you!
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