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December 22, 2011


We are trying to get Christmas cards for Lucas and Juno!

You remember Lucas & his faithful service dog, Juno? Lucas is the 4 year old little boy with the terminal illness MPS. There is no known treatment...there is no cure...and Lucas's life expectancy is only 10 -15 years (go to his FB page Lucas Hembree to see more).

His service dog, Juno, is always by his side. Juno was trained by Lucas's father, after he rescued her from a shelter, where she literally was to be put down in a matter of another few hours. Together, they have formed an inseperable bond.

Life is not the easy, carefree thing it is for most children. The family has gone thru many ups and downs, in fact as Chester Hembree wrote in a note to me, "It seems like for every ounce of good news we get it's followed by a pound of bad We've just learned to take what ever happens and make the best of it."

We at the GSDC would like to bring a bit of cheer to this family.

Instead of finding bills in their mailbox, we'd like to fill it with CHRISTMAS CARDS! Holiday greeting and well wishes from around the globe! .... and we need YOUR help!

PLEASE...could you send the family a Christmas card? Let them know, that they are NOT alone in this. Tell them that there are people who truly CARE, this Christmas season. A card and a postage stamp, could make such a difference. So please, when you are sending your cards out, could you address an extra one to a little boy, & his Dog?

It would mean so very, very much.

Cards can be sent to:
Lucas Hembree & Juno
204 McKinley St.
Alcoa, TN 37701

By: The German Shepherd Dog Community
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