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December 21, 2011

We helped millions with diabetes in 2011.

A thank you from the American Diabetes Association...

Dear Angie,
What does fighting to Stop Diabetes look like?
It looks like 200 dedicated Diabetes Advocates storming Capitol Hill to meet with Members of Congress...Tens of thousands defending health insurance benefits for people with diabetes, stopping schools from discriminating against kids with diabetes, and more.
These are just some of the amazing things we were able to accomplish in 2011 – and all because of people like YOU who take the time to weigh in on crucial issues, talk to your elected officials, stay informed, and spread the word about critical issues affecting people with diabetes.
There's one more important thing you can do in 2011 to help fight diabetes in 2012: "Like" American Diabetes Association on Facebook to be the first to learn breaking news and get great tips and resources on how to advance the health and protect the rights of those living with diabetes. It's easy, and it helps!
With your help this year, we have:
  • Held trainings, planning sessions, and over 250 meetings with Members of Congress at the Association's biannual Call to Congress;
  • Participated in six Congressional briefings on issues ranging from diabetes research to launching our gestational diabetes bill;
  • Protected the Affordable Care Act's key provisions for people with diabetes and supported funding for programs that provide free gestational diabetes screenings for pregnant women;
  • Helped pass new provisions aimed at stopping discrimination against people with diabetes;
  • Campaigned against school segregation for children with diabetes, including on a media tour that reached 2,000 radio stations and network affiliates and 5 million listeners;
  • Worked directly with states to fight against reductions in insurance benefits that would impact those with diabetes; and
  • Secured Congressional support for federally-funded diabetes research and prevention programs.
Check out our complete list of advocacy accomplishments in 2011 – again, none of this would have been possible without you!
Please take a moment to join us on Facebook. Together, we can build on our achievements in 2011 to make 2012 an even better year for the millions of children and adults with diabetes who are counting on us to protect their interests and continue to fight this deadly disease.
As I end my reign as the Chair of the Board, I want to thank you again for all your support and wish you and yours a very happy and healthy new year, which means we will be one step closer to realizing our efforts to Stop Diabetes!
John Griffin Jr.   
John Griffin Jr.
John Griffin, Jr.
Chair of the Board
American Diabetes Association
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