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January 3, 2012

Pit Bull Service Dog Reunited With Disabled Vet!

Snickers, a pit bull mix, is ringing in the new year at home.

Thanks to U.S. District Judge Mark Bennett, who granted a temporary injunction on Wednesday, allowing Snickers to be immediately returned to his owner Jim Sak, a retired Chicago police officer.

Sak, a disabled Vietnam War veteran, was partially paralyzed after suffering a stroke in 2008, which was followed by brain surgery. Snickers is a certified therapy dog who aids him with a number of tasks from helping him stand and walk to getting help in an emergency. That was Snickers’ job until Sak and his wife Peggy Leifer moved to Aurelia, IA, last month to be near her elderly mother.

Days after moving, someone reported the Sak to city officials due to the breed ban the city has in place.

“I didn’t know there was a Pit Bull ban (here),” said Sak.

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