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February 29, 2012

Lillia Rose Whittle Needs Our Support & Prayers!

At the age of 22 months Lillia was diagnosed with cancer!

Lillia has Retinoblastoma (RB), a fast growing eye cancer of early childhood. This cancer develops in the cells of the retina, the light sensitive lining of the eye. In the UK about 98% of children survive retinoblastoma; this is true for both unilateral and bilateral disease. Nearly all of those with unilateral disease survive without further tumour.

Natalie and Craig Whittle, Lillia's parents are on a mission to raise awareness of this rare childhood cancer that is diagnosed in only 40 to 50 children in the UK each year. If this aggressive eye cancer is caught early enough the child's life can be saved.

Lillia was diagnosed with unilateral (one eye) Retinoblastoma in her left eye at the age of 22 months. It was picked up by the squint and white reflex in her eye. If caught at a late stage a child may face loosing their eye.

Lillian's, her parents as well as myself want to tell her story to the world and raise awareness in the hopes of helping other children with symptoms to be tested in order to catch the cancer in it's earliest stage to save children from losing an eye or their lives. You can join our mission to raise awareness by clicking on the links listed below to show your support for Lillia and children around the world affected by childhood cancer.

A note from Lillia on her website at:

My name is Lillia Rose Whittle, I was born on 13th January 2010 at Kettering General Hospital. I weighed 3.135 kg (6lb 14oz). My life was relatively normal until 26th October 2011 when my life was about to change. 

A note from Lillia's parents from her website at:

This website is all about Lillia, who was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer called Retinoblastoma when she was only 22 months old. Retinoblastoma is an aggressive cancer or the eye. She is currently having Chemotherapy to preserve her eye and save her life.

The website is in its infancy and we will try to make it bigger and better as Lillia's treatment progresses.

To give me an idea of who's been visiting here, you can write in the guestbook.

We have been working hard to raise awareness of Retinoblastoma and have taken part in TV, Radio and Newspaper interviews. To see more click here

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