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April 10, 2012

Brennan Scurlock Needs Prayers For A Cure!

Brennan was diagnosed at 10 month with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.


Brennans scans showed what we feared.

Brennans sarcoma has progressed through our chemo. the 5mm leaion we found 2.5 weeks ago has grown and a second lesion on.his brain. they have grown and has caused brennans brain to.bleed and cause pressure. every one of his sarcoma tumors have grown. the kidney one, his liver and lung tumors. Brennan cannot continue chemo anymore because its too risky with his hemorrhage. This was not supposed to happen to my son. my heart is shattered. we have chosen to not place a drain because brennan would be unable to move and his comfort would be compromised. ICU is not a place we want Brennan right now. He is comfortable and shows no signs of discomfort. Please pray for my love. 


10 months later he was diagnosed with a secondary cancer which had already metastazised to his liver and lung, and newly his brain. They're calling his secondary cancer " Secondary tumor of highly aggressive Undifferentiated Sarcoma." Brennan is just currently shy of 2 years old and has spent almost exactly Half of his life, fighting for his life.

Brennan will turn 2 years old on May 26, 2012.

You can donate straight to Brennan from There is a paypal donation button which you can donate through. The website will also give any information about ALL of Brennan's events as well as a link to download all of out event flyers. Please follow this link to make a donation:

Brennan was admitted to Texas Children's ER Thursday night, March 31, for an unidentified infection and low blood count. Later we found out there was a large tumor coming from his left Kidney, reaching to his left lung and back toward his spine.

We found out his symptoms were because of a bleed from the vein system inside the tumor.
Doctors say it is showing characteristics of being Neuroblastoma.

Our prayers are that when he makes it into surgery they are able to remove the kidney, tumor and surrounding lymph nodes that are affected.

Please check this site daily for new updates, leave encouraging words for his family and help us pray for this sweet baby.

We have set up an account under Cindy McCowen at Chase for donations for Brennan and family. They do not have paid medical leave to be by his side while he is battling cancer, all donations are appreciated to help pay bills while he is getting treatment, no amount is to small. You can make a deposit at any Chase bank account #965482987.

Thank you so much and God bless!

Please Visit Brennan at his Facebook Page at:
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