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June 30, 2012

Advocating for Sgt Bowe Bergdahl, US Army - POW!

June 30th marks the end of three years captivity for Sgt Bowe Bergdahl, US Army!

Today is the first day of The Week of Action and Prayer to remember Bowe as we count down to the anniversary of his 3rd year of captivity in just 6 days.

We have a request for those who are praying for Bowe and his family. Please pray that those who are working extra hard this week to get the word out about Bowe, as well as those who are contacting government, would have courage and boldness in their work. Give them the right words to say and open the ears and hearts of those who are hearing those words. Please pray that through the work of those across the nation who support Bowe, thousands more will come to actively join us all in the effort that is being undertaken to bring him home. And, as always, please pray that blessings would be poured out on Bowe and his family and that their reunion would not be delayed a minute more. And for those who don't do much praying, please take time to visualize these things as real.

Along with our prayers this week, there are many things happening around the country for Bowe. (We'll keep everyone posted as the week progresses.) The primary goals this week are 1) to contact those in government to remind them that Bowe's rescue must remain a top level priority. Let's push hard this week to call, write and email so that our Members of Congress and others in government would receive a flood of contacts form Bowe's Supporters. 2) we want to raise awareness about Bowe's situation. Get the word out, tell his story- so many have yet to hear it. Help to guide these people who are just learning about him so they will know how to translate their awareness into action. 3) Pray. Prayer is the fuel to our fire. It is the thing that will move the ordinary into realm of extraordinary. Prayer is what transforms that which is limited by our human abilities into that which is infinite with possibilities.

Please continue to invite others to join us this week to remember Bowe. Please pass this post along to your friends. We're also including some links below to some very useful info.

Are You ready? So let's do what we all do best this week- come together as a force to be reckoned with and show the world that we are standing strong for Bowe.

JOIN the Week of Action & Prayer and INVITE your friends (remember that this an "anywhere you are" event so it's easy for nearly everyone to be part of):

INFO about how to Contact you elected officials:

A DOWNLOADABLE BROCHURE you can use to get the word out:

MAKE YOUR OWN SIGN with this template to show your support:

GREAT IDEAS- What others are doing to raise awareness about Bowe:

HELP to get Bowe's name into the Twitter feed (this is where we've had a lot of luck getting the attention of celebrities, politicians and the media- it's amazing who'll actually reply personally to a tweet that they receive about Bowe): fbid=281340658621607&set=a.196725307083143.51330.186446128111061&type=3
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