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November 23, 2012

Good night to a bad black Friday in Placerville, Ca.

K-Mart may be a better choice than Walmart for local Placerville Christmas shopping!

At the end of the Black Friday madness day in the Placerville, California area many shoppers are rethinking their Christmas shopping plans. Today at the Placerville Walmart there was more excitement outside the store than inside. Unbelievable protesters stood with picket signs and armed with negative words aimed at shoppers. The obvious "grinch" attitude did not make for an inviting atmosphere for shoppers nor did it ring in the holiday spirit to inspire shoppers.

It is bad enough that Walmart has tried to monopolize the corporate market for discount and affordable products that millions of consumers depend on for the bare necessities in life, add in the decline in quality of their generic brand items and now striking employees on the biggest shopping day of the year. All this just combined only leaves one impression on the customer - Walmart is not worth the hassle anymore. 

It has always been a hassle to go to Walmart, crowded narrow isles, overstocked shelves and displays, products being moved around making it difficult to find what you need and even more difficult to find an associate to help. If you are lucky enough to find an associate they usually do not work in the department you need assistance in and do not hesitate to inform you of that as they continue to walk by. 

Even with the hassle a few years ago it was worth going through the major ordeal of a trip to Walmart because you did in fact save on your over all purchase. As years have gone by the hassle has become more apparent and less appealing for the worth of the minimal savings.

Below is a story from a local news station on today's events at the Placerville, California Walmart:

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Crowds took over local malls and retail stores looking for the best Black Friday deals. All the while, some workers at Walmart stores staged a walkout.

It’s one of the busiest shopping days of the year, but that didn’t stop hundreds of Walmart workers across the country from striking.

Protesters outside a Placerville Walmart heckled a company spokesperson as she tried to give an interview.

“You only care about yourself. That’s all you care about,” yelled one protester. “You corporate people with all your looks and all your money.”

“This is a made-for-TV publicity stunt, designed to mislead our customers and our associates,” said Amelia McLear, Walmart senior public affairs manager.

The outrage over Walmart wages took front and center stage at stores across the country this Black Friday.

“We don’t want to come out and waste our time when it’s not calculated. We want to try and make the biggest impact,” said Carlo Tarantola, California School Employees Association.

However, customers, inside and out, still seemed to go about their business.

“The thing that I wonder about is how many of these people actually are employees,” customer Phil Abbott said.

His curiosity was correct, not all protesters were Walmart employees. Outside union organizers were also on hand.

“We have to come out and support them because Walmart can’t retaliate against us,” said Tarantola. “So they have to know that they do have support.”

While bullhorns and picket signs were present on this Black Friday, the focus at Walmart was not only on holiday shopping.

Walmart employee Margaret Hooten says she’s protesting the poor working conditions.

“We’ve become more and more verbal. They’ve become more and more aware of us, who we are in the store,” said Hooten.

She says her store has hired 40 temporary workers and began cutting regular employees’ hours.

“I’ve gone from 32 hours a week to just 18,” Hooten said.

Hooten, who has worked at Walmart for a year-and-a-half, has a message to those that say she is lucky to have a job.

“Try living on $870 a month with no health benefits,” she said.

Placerville Walmart was not the only Walmart to have problems today. Walmarts across the country had issues due to the striking employees on Black Friday many of which were so serious that police had to be called to control the crowds. Is this what you want to see as you are arriving at Walmart to do your Christmas shopping? 

No, this is not how Christmas shopping should be. Do yourself and your family a great favor and shop at K-Mart this year for all your Christmas needs!

K-Mart is a wonderful discount department store that is well planned with an open shopping area making it easy to get through the busy isles and find exactly what you are looking for. Their products are high quality and displayed very nicely with the sale items at eye level and within reach. There is no overstocked shelves or displays to take up time in finding that perfect gift. The employees are very friendly and grateful to have their jobs, even the part time employees. 

I recommend K-Mart for all of your Christmas shopping as well as necessities for daily living all year long. You will be completely satisfied and very happy you chose K-Mart when you get home from a long day of shopping feeling relaxed and stress free making the rest of your holiday season much more enjoyable.

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