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January 18, 2013

Trying to bring a little Spring in to my blog!

  It's time to take the ultimate blogging challenge-changing the template...

 My fellow bloggers (unless you are a pro) know very well just how hard this could be. Trying to decide on what theme to go with for the new look you have in mind, key word there "mind" making it a constant work in progress as your mind changes so often. I always have great intentions and know exactly how it is going to look long before I start, unfortunately the final out come usually ends being completely opposite of my original mind plans and the project ends up taking about a month to complete.

So this time I decided to go with a Victorian Rose Theme, I can't honestly say it was my first mind plan but that's what happens when you look at hundreds of photos, clip art, backgrounds, fonts and color schemes day after day and many long nights just trying to get it just perfect. You really don't know what you are going to end up with until you are done, but you never really are done. I will be doing final little details for the next few weeks and hopefully by Spring my blog with it's new Spring theme will be finally final.

I hope my new spring look goes over well and brings some early blooms and sunshine into many homes around the world. Thank you to all my readers and followers, you are the reason I keep on blogging!

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