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November 13, 2010

Things in Pollock Pines are getting worse regarding the "Landlord"

Regarding the Landlord (SLUMLORD) of Pollock Pines, CA 95726, Sharon Potter, 2808 Loyal Lane... THIS IS GETTING SERIOUS! First let me start by saying I am current on my rent and have always been. All utilities are included in the monthly rent amount they are PG&G Electic, EID Water, Propane (the only source of heat), Comcast Cable & Trash Pickup. Over the past month she has disconnected and or turned of each one of these but has been told to turn them back on by the EDSO. Today I attempted again to pay rent for this month ( I can do that I just do not have the money to get a new place with a deposit, etc.). She refused to take my rent and basically to me to F*** Off! Then I see an AT&T truck here and go to see what she is up to now. I find that she has called AT&T to report me for tapping into her phone line and making calls from her phone number. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE AND I HAVE NEVER EVEN CONSIDERED SUCH A THING. Of course AT&T proved that no one has tapped into her phone line and made it clear to her. So here I am established in an apartment for nearly 6 months now without the means to up and move again which would require a deposit, 1st months rent and of course having all the utilities turned on in my name, all of which could cost up to $2000.00 or more. I only pay $600.00 here a big difference. BUT I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE DAILY HARRASSMENT FROM HER FOR NO REASON ON MY PART, I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING TO THIS PERSON AND AM NOT BEHIND IN MY RENT OR ANY OTHER OBLIGATION TO HER. I AM NOT BOTHERING HER, AS A MATTER OF FACT I TRY TO AVOID HER SO THERE IS NO CONFLICT. What do I do?????

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