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February 10, 2011

Greyhound Gets the Second Chance to be Loved...

A Good Samaritan alerted animal control to 12 severely underweight dogs at a home in Fort Worth. When they arrived, they found 28 greyhound mixes shockingly malnourished and neglected by their owner. Unwilling to submit to a search and seizure warrant, the dog’s owner surrendered them to authorities.

Landry, 7-years old, was found emaciated with large mouth warts, leaving him unable to eat full meals before stopping in severe pain. He was 40 pounds underweight, covered in ticks and days away from dying. Vets explained that
surgery on the warts would cost over $1,200 and that Landry needed to gain weight quick before his body shut down. It took 30 days before Landry weighed enough to have the surgery. Now, adopted by a family in New Jersey, Landry lives with a loving family. Healthy and finally at a normal weight, he’s able to thank his new family every day for the gift of rescue.
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