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February 10, 2011

Your Third Trimester Checklist...

  1. Determine your maternity leave plan and notify your employer. More information on planning for your maternity leave.
  2. Have your baby shower.
  3. Send thank you cards for the gifts you received.
  4. Attend the baby care and safety classes that you signed up for in your first trimester.
  5. Send your pre-admission forms to the hospital you will be delivering at.
  6. Visit the Checklists section to print handy checklists that will help get you prepared for baby's arrival.
  7. Choose a pediatrician. More information on pediatrician interview questions.
  8. Purchase an infant car seat. More information on choosing the right car seat.
  9. Purchase a bassinet and/or crib and mattress. More information on purchasing a bassinet, crib and crib mattress.
  10. Purchase a changing table and/or dresser. More information on choosing the right changing table.
  11. Assemble the bassinet and/or crib.
  12. Assemble the changing table and/or dresser.
  13. Complete your baby's nursery.
  14. Take a tour of your delivery hospital's maternity ward.
  15. Decide who you want or don't want in the delivery room with you and notify them accordingly.
  16. Get a pre-natal massage.
  17. Call your insurance company to notify them of your delivery due date. Find out if someone needs to call them once you are admitted.
  18. Go to your OB/GYN for GBS Culture. You will now visit your OB/GYN every week until delivery.
  19. Make sure you have a camera and/or video camera in good working order.
  20. Complete your birth plan, no matter how simple. More information on making a birth plan.
  21. Install the car seat and have the installation checked.
  22. Gather the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of those you wish to notify following the birth.
  23. Pack your hospital bag. Use our hospital bag checklist so you don't forget anything.
  24. Be sure your partner's bag is packed.
  25. Confirm the hospital received your pre-admission forms.
  26. Choose your baby's name.
  27. Get with your partner to write out your wills.
  28. Purchase at least one pack of newborn size diapers.
  29. Purchase 2 nursing bras and pack in your hospital bag.
  30. Purchase a large box of overnight maxi pads for when you return from the hospital.
  31. Wash all of your baby's new clothes and put them away.
  32. Consider cooking and freezing some meals to help save much needed time once baby arrives. More information on freezing meals.
  33. RELAX and get as must rest as possible before the BIG DAY!
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