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February 12, 2011

Today is Your Birthday, Saturday, February 12, 2011


Yesterday's buoyancy and exuberance may not be as easy to experience today for several reasons. Right off the bat, Mercury in Aquarius makes a potentially caustic, 45-degree tie to its higher-octave, guardian planet Uranus (12:18AM PST). This type of aspect usually equates with a rise in nervous tension in the psychic atmosphere. However, you may be able to tweak this sky pattern into offering you ingenious ideas across the board. About five hours later, Mars in Aquarius makes a similar tie to its distant cohort-in-volatility Pluto (5:26AM PST). Once Pluto was discovered in 1930, astrologers quickly saw a linkage between this god of the underworld and the maddening energies that are often associated with the red planet. When Mars and Pluto act together as possible mischief-makers, everyone feels the heat to some extent. Being too bossy, pushy or otherwise egocentric can turn your weekend into more of a battle than a joyful celebration. Think before you speak and use words to heal - not harm. Today's saving grace arrives tonight as a grand triangle in air signs manifests when the Moon in Gemini trines Mercury in Aquarius (6:09PM PST) as well as Ceres in Aquarius (8:24PM PST), and then moves on to trine Saturn in Libra (10:11PM PST). It doesn't always happen that a morning filled with potential challenges shifts gears into an evening filled with potential promises and heightened productivity across the board. Take advantage of the golden opportunities being offered to you as the three air signs of the zodiac interweave their influences throughout the night.

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