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May 2, 2011

My son Jeremy & my grandson AJ...

Two very handsome men in my life, my son, Jeremy & my grandson, AJ. AJ calls Jeremy Haha because he can't say Jeremy. It fits Jeremy considering he's always making AJ laugh. AJ is just fooling everybody, one day he was calling for Haha through the house and since he didn't answer AJ yells Jeremy, so the point is he can say Jeremy he just prefers Haha because he really thinks he's funny! Jeremy and AJ can play all day, it really helps Ashley & Alan because it keeps AJ busy and gives them time with Abbygail. AJ & Jeremy can get into trouble such as when AJ got his water guns out for him & Jeremy to play with. Ashley said no water guns in the house and told AJ to put them away, well Jeremy decided to fill them up and give one to AJ and of course their was water guns in the house. I love them all very much!
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