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May 2, 2011


For the love of Samantha!

On April 25, 2011, an animal control officer confiscated about 10 dogs from a neighboring home. There were 2 fairly large dogs locked in a small camper with no food, water or air conditioning (the temp. that day was around 82 degrees Fahrenheit), 7 puppies around six weeks of age outside directly in the sun in a 'doggie playpen' made for a small dog with no food or water, and a few dogs left to roam also with no food or water.

I approached the officer, who is also an Edgecombe County sheriff, and told him that I wanted one of the dogs, who I had been keeping an eye on for weeks. After telling me that he would have to take her to the pound  and I would have to adopt her, he then tells me the shelter and his truck were full and he would just leave her with me. The next day I looked out my window to a horrible sight, the animal shelter let her take her dogs back. She let one out to roam, the mom to the puppies, and was struck by a vehicle and killed. she left the others in the heat of her car for about 2 hours. When my neighbor found out about the dog in the road, she told her grandparents to deal with it.

For four days I had Samantha. Four days of sitting in the floor pulling hundreds of ticks off of her, showing her  the love and attention that she was obviously craving, making sure she had plenty of food and water available to her at all times. She desperately needed to put on weight! I could feel every nook and cranny of her ribs and spine, and her tail bone was starting to protrude. I was doing everything I could to show her what a real life full of love was like. My neighbor never contacted me about reclaiming Samantha. I was honestly worried she would given the fact she knew Samantha never made it to the shelter and we are neighbors.

On April 29, 2011, I received a phone call, animal control was coming to take Samantha away from us and return her to the woman that neglected her to the point of starvation. The magistrate ruled that since she surrendered the puppies to the shelter, they saw NO REASON to not let her have Samantha back. (Note: I was never informed on any hearing for the ownership of Samantha.) The "owners" grandma, who requires a walker to get around, has said she will take responsibility for Samantha. Maybe now is a good time to add that Samantha is a full grown German Shepherd.. How will she care for her? And even if she could, why didn't she before? Her grand-daughter lives in a camper behind her house!

I fell in love with Samantha, and I know she loved me back! From the moment I brought her home she was my shadow. By my side with every step I took, sometimes 'holding my hand' with her mouth. She sat by me and licked my tears after I got the call. She stood up and 'hugged' me right before they took her away. I'm not sure if she was begging to stay, comforting me, or both. I was crying like a baby. Samantha deserves a better life than what she's being forced back into and that's what I'm trying to give her.

Please join me and my family in this fight for Samantha. We all love her so much and want to make sure is safe! Thank you. Tammy.


We the undersigned want Samantha returned to Tammy Padgett, where she will get the love affection and care she desperately needs. There are too many dogs being mistreated that it is sad to see one get saved and then returned to the owner as if she did nothing wrong. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and petition.
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