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May 2, 2011


Maximum Penalty For DogFight Animal Abusers!

This horrifying cruelty only happens because cowards enjoy suffering...of others. They make Dogs, mostly of the Pitbull breed to fight THEIR fights.

They deal with this cruelty as it is some kind of entertainment and this must end.The only reason why they continue is because of the light penalty for this kind of crime. 

Animal abuse must once and for all charge Animal offenders the same way as Human's.
Click to go to the White House's contact form page .

Speak up your mind but try to be polite as it seems to get more results. We, Animal Advocates, Vegans have to keep moving and taking action to speak up for the voiceless, as if we don't do no one else will.


It's with a great consern that the world see what is happening in the United States right now and this is unacceptable. We urge that the laws must change once and for all for Animal abuse. They are sentient beings that have feelings and a developed system like ours wich makes them feel pain in the same amount.

The Dogfight reality only exists because the promoters are not afraid of the penalties and this kind of entertainment became as common as baseball or other games.

We trust and pray that Animal abusers be charged for their crimes the same way as in crimes against humans. The United States of America serves as an example to so many countries that follow their trending habits and it's up to US to act first, showing the world.
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