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October 21, 2011

UNBELIEVABLE... A statement from Mr. Obama today...

Re: statement from the President - bringing home our troops by the end of this year!

Today our "President" made a statement to this country and it was a bit insulting to me personally and I am sure to many, many more Americans.

Please see the link ( ) for the complete statement, I will not post the entire thing here, but I am going to quote something he said in his statement and I have some comments for him. I hope someday he realizes exactly what these words meant to so many Veterans and their families.

"And as we welcome home our newest veterans, we’ll never stop working to give them and their families the care, the benefits and the opportunities that they have earned. "

My comments for this quote are as follows: First let me start with I have the up most respect for every veteran in our country.

1. There are so many Vietnam Veterans STILL waiting to be welcomed home!

2. Vietnam Veteran's and their families are STILL waiting for the care, the benefits and the opportunities they earned 50 years ago!

3. Our Vietnam Veteran's gave their all then and are giving even more now with their health and suffering due to Agent Orange exposure!

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