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November 9, 2011

101 Ways to Thank a Veteran...

There are so many ways to thank a Veteran this Veteran's Day.
I have just listed ten here and attached the link to the site with the full 101 ways to thank a Veteran this Veteran's Day. Please go to this link and read the whole article, it is a really good one and full of great ideas.

1. Take a Veteran out to eat; whether it is a fast-food chain or a fine-dining establishment.
2. Are you a knitter or crocheter? Make a scarf for the cold-winters ahead. Donate them at a local-VFW for a veteran in need or contact Operation Gratitude to see how to donate.
3. Listen to their stories with interest. If they are a war-veteran they have seen things you will never see. Listen and Learn.
4. Call and Visit a local nursing home or VA Hospital. Find out what you can do to help. If you quilt make a blanket for a needy veteran. If you bake call and find out if you can bring in something special. Bring a book to read to a veteran "ready and willing" to listen. We all have talents that can be used.
5. Send an 'E-Card' through the American Legion to the Veterans in your life that use email.
6. Support a Military Family through Operation Homefront. Watch their website for 'current needs':

7. Military-member at the same restaurant as you? Send them a drink or pay for their dessert.
8. Do you have a website? Make a page dedicated to our military. Need some help finding content for it?: For your site
9. Do you bake? Make an Apple Pie or another specialty and bring it over to a neighbor-veteran. Don't forget to grab a box of ice cream to take. Now I'm hungry!
10. Employers: Host a special luncheon for all of your veterans. Recognize their service to your company and your country.
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