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November 11, 2011

I would like to honor my Father this Veteran's Day!

For my Father on Veteran's Day!

Sgt. Jimmy D. McDaniel, Special Forces/Forwarding Observer, Vietnam 1968. He joined the Army just after he graduated high school and trained with the Marines for a year to move onto the Army in Special Forces. He became a Platoon Sgt. In March of 1968 he was ordered to go to Vietnam as a Platoon Sgt./Forwarding Observer in Special Forces. He returned home in March of 1969 with hearing loss. He is now suffering from PTSD and Parkinson's Disease due to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam.

He has no regrets, he was and still is proud to have served his country. He is doing well and is my Hero. Happy Veteran's Day to my Father and to all of our Country's Veterans. They gave their all then and are still giving with their health.

Our country is a free country because of all the brave Veterans who served and are serving for us to be free. We owe them more respect and honor than we can possibly express. Today 11/11/11 is the day to do the best we can and express how grateful we are for everything they do, did and are still doing in more ways than we can even imagine.

To our Veterans, Happy Veteran's Day and please have good memories today. While you are thinking of our Veterans today don't forget their families and what they have been through and are going through, they are very brave and have to say strong for the Veteran in their lives. Give them a wonder wish today as well to keep them going and strong.
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