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November 27, 2011

Pet Pardons Per Facebook has asked for your help!

Extremely Urgent - Dies Tomorrow!

If you live in or around the Gaston, NC region you may have heard that a "Demon" Pit Bull that had been killing farm animals has been caught.

Yup, a Demon. See how his eyes glow? Just like a demon... The farmer told reporters that the dog killed a pony, six goats and injured cows and other livestock.

But here's the thing - nobody ever saw Dog #7454 kill any animals. The farmer saw a dog from a distance and assumed that this lone animal killed his livestock. And of course, that's a possibility but anybody who knows anything, knows that these animals were killed by a pack. The farmer stated that sometimes the animals were bitten all over, sometimes only on the neck area. This is pack behavior and in this area the mostly culprit is a pack of coyotes or a pack of feral dogs Odds are that #7454 only feasted on the left overs and therefore is blamed for the killing. Remember, nobody saw the animals being killed or what animal killed them. The farmer saw a brown dog running around the area and assumed. (Never assume. It makes an Ass out of U and Me).

I evaluated this dog on Wednesday, 11/23, and here are my findings:
He is not a starving stray dog. He is of good weight and excellent muscle tone. He's a well conditioned dog.

He's quite shy and lacks self confidence. He remained in a heel position on our walk in the park and would become nervous and unsure if I stopped or asked him to perform a behavior.

While I did not temp test for animal aggression (something that cannot be done at Gaston Animal Control) he made an effort to avoid other animals in animal control. While on our walk we saw Yorkies, cats and geese - all of which he turned his back to and tried to move in the opposite direction. This does not mean that he is not animal aggressive. It means that he is nervous and lacks confidence. My recommendation, if taken into rescue, is that he not be allowed loose with other animals until he can decompress and his true personality comes out. Then he can be tested for animal aggression. His fear and uncertainty about other animals could trigger a fight response if he feels threatened or cornered so please take caution.

He enjoys petting but rarely solicited affection.

Overall he's a good dog but confused to find himself in animal control. Given his physical appearance I do believe he has an owner. I also believe that this owner will not come forward because of the accusations against his or her dog.

Here is a video that I took on our walk:

Upon my recommendation, Gaston County Animal Control has made #7454 available for Rescue Only. If a rescue can take this dog they need to contact me at before 8am ET on Monday, 11/28.

Please cross post!

Jessica Rosman
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