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November 25, 2011

Dogs of War: VIETNAM 1960-1975: First In.Last Out!

A Special Presentation From Hahn's 50th AP K-9, West Germany
There Is No Stronger Bond,
Than That Of A Handler
And His Dog.
Were the dogs of Vietnam effective? Our military experts and "armchair Generals"  will probably be debating that question for the next hundred years.  But any Vietnam combat veteran, that happened to be part of a patrol, that was saved from an VC ambush because of a scout dog's alert or prevented from walking into a mine field...will tell you, the answer is definitely yes!!! *Estimates vary, but some state that the dogs may have been responsible for the saving of at least 10,000 lives in Vietnam.

In the last two years, four War Dog Memorials were dedicated to the Dogs Of Vietnam:

March Field, Riverside, California
Dedicated February 2000. Sponsored by the VDHA.

Fort Benning, Georgia
Dedicated October 2000. Sponsored by the VDHA.

Port Neches, Texas
Dedicated November 2000. Sponsored by the Citizens of Port Neches.

Streamwood, Illinois
Dedicated May 2001. Sponsored by the Citizens of Streamwood.

...all four Memorials honor the Four Footed Heroes of Vietnam and several include the war dogs of America's other wars and conflicts as well. Today the members of the Vietnam Dog Handlers Association continue  to sponsor a drive to establish the first National War Dog Memorial, to honor all War Dogs, who Served the United States of America in Combat.

To learn more about the use of Military Working Dogs by the armed services during the Vietnam War, please visit our Link Page (access from the, US: Department Of Defense Page) for an large selection of different sites, by the guys who were there! To read about it, may we suggest Michael G. Lemish's book 'War Dogs,' published 1999 by Brassey's, Washington, DC. "The first important work on the subject in the last forty years!" War Dogs is a complete history of the MWD from its orgins to after Vietnam. Available at most Book Sellers, world wide. "A very good read!"

**For more information and the full presentation including the timeline of the "Dogs of War" go to:
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