Creating change by raising awareness of causes that ensure a better future.

November 23, 2011

Sterling Silver Awareness Ribbons & Beads.

Awareness ribbons help create change through causes!

Do your part to help awareness of a good cause. These charms are gorgeous keepsakes that are ideal for your own collection, and they also make thoughtful gifts for family or friends. Each year, the Charm Factory donates to fundraisers and educators, and we keep prices on our awareness products as low as possible to help support those of you working to find cures and supporting those touched by cancer and other diseases. Thank you for the work you do in your communities.

Many major causes are covered. There are autism awareness charms, AIDS awareness ribbon charms, breast cancer awareness ribbons and several other cancer awareness charms, just to name a few, and yellow ribbons to support our troops. All of our charms are beautifully designed using only the highest quality sterling silver. Each charm was also made in the US, assuring you of even greater quality.

Please click on the link below for more information on awareness ribbons.
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