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December 28, 2011

Agent Orange Legacy - Living with Agent Orange

I would like to spotlight a wonderful group - Agent Orange Legacy-Living With Agent Orange.

Today I was added to a group on Facebook that supports anyone who is living with the affects of Agent Orange exposure during the Vietnam War. Agent Orange Legacy is a very well know website for advocating on the behalf of Vietnam Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange during their tour in Vietnam serving our country in war.

They have extended their support to the Facebook groups pages as "Living With Agent Orange" with more than 550 members all of whom are very supportive, understanding and comforting. I had emailed Kelly one of the Administrators of AO Legacy today asking her a questions regarding symptoms of a couple of diseases that are linked to AO. I made the right choice by asking her, before I knew it I was added to the support group and welcomed by so many very nice people that were all open to my questions and ready to help.

If you or someone you know is suffering from exposure to Agent Orange or is the caregiver, spouse, child, grandchild or friend of a victim of AO I would recommend that you look into joining this group either on Facebook or at their main site today. You will be very happy you did and you will feel relief of so much stress, comfort, support and know that you are not alone.

This group and website shows that there are so many other going through the same feelings and worries you may be going through and they are feeling all the hurt feelings as you. It helps to know that someone cares and it really helps to just be able to talk about how your feeling. This is the place for all the information and support you need. Please don't hesitate, go to the group and site now, I am so glad I did.

Below are the links to the Facebook group page and the main website just click on one and it is all easy from there. They are an amazing group of people and are welcoming anyone who needs them to join now.

Thank you to the Living with Agent Orange Group and to for making me feel at home with an extended family who does really care and is always there.
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