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December 15, 2011

Baby's First Christmas, 2011!

This Christmas is my granddaughter's 1st.
Abbygail Lyla at the age of 9 months will be enjoying her first Christmas this year with her big brother AJ who is 3 years old. She will be surrounded by her loving family, most important is her Mommy Ashley & her Daddy Alan. Abby's extended family is going to enjoy watching Christmas through a darling baby girl's eyes and loving every minute of it. I know I will be there for every second of all the joy my two wonderful grand children will bring to our holiday season and our lives forever. Christmas is always so much more special with little ones running around and laughing with no care in the world just pure happiness. I will cherish these moments forever and always remember to hug them, love them and see all the beautiful wonders of the world as they see them. 

Merry 1st Christmas Abbygail, Grandma loves you so much!
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