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December 15, 2011

Christmas for a 3 year old is like his 1st ever!

My grandson is 3 this Christmas & so excited, almost like it's his 1st Christmas!

Yesterday I posted a baby's first Christmas poem for my granddaughter and just couldn't resist going back a couple of years and making a baby's first Christmas poem for my grandson who is 3 this year. Even though AJ is 3 years old and it's obviously not his first Christmas you would think it was by his excitement over it. When we are in the stores and he sees decorations for sale and displays of Christmas trees he just has to go and see "Christmas" as he calls it. I can be pushing the cart with him in the back and I hear "Grandma Christmas, Christmas Grandma" as he's pointing toward the decorated trees. It is so wonderful to see Christmas through a 3 year old little boys eyes. When we are driving after dark and pass by houses decorated with lights and Santa on a roof top, again I hear "Christmas Grandma" and at that moment any worries I may have had in mind disappear and the world is perfect for that minute. He says Santa Claus is bringing him a monster truck and hot wheels cars. I asked him if he was going to go tell Santa what he wanted when he came to the mall or did he want to write him a letter-well he chose the letter, can't say I blame him. If you get the chance to celebrate Christmas with your children or grandchildren make sure you take a minute to see it through their eyes, you will be so happy you did. 
Merry Christmas AJ, Grandma loves you very much!
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