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January 9, 2012

Kidney Donor Needed for Vietnam Veteran!

This is on the behalf of a friend who's father needs your help!

I am writing this request for my dad. My dad Ramon Macias (Ma-ci-as), who served in the US Army -during Vietnam in 1966-1968 in the 167th Signal Company. He developed Chronic Kidney disease from exposure to Agent Orange Exposure, and is now needing a transplant. My dad was drafted right after high school, when Duty called, and he answered. He wasn't much younger than 18 years old, as he showed me the picture of him dressed up in that uniform. That picture was for my grandma and how she cried when the news arrived that he was going to Vietnam. Duty called, and he answered while the whole world spit in his face. My dad learned how to be a man in some Gosh forsaken place. Still people think he's a disgrace. While in Vietnam working for Uncle Sam, at 18 yrs old. So duty called, and my dad answered his country to serve, but as an result of Agent Orange, he developed chronic kidney disease (service connected). He is now needing a living kidney donor. I (his daughter) am not not able to donate one of my own.

We have been told that the wait list is at least 5 + years on the waitlist just for a deceased donor. The benefits of receiving from a living donor is that the wait list wouldn't be as long.

If you're interested in being my father's living donor, please contact my father's transplant coordinator, JoAnn Johnson @ the VA Nashville Transplant Center, in Nashville, Tn. Her phone number direct is 615-873-8668, if not available leave a voicemail message and she will return your call. Nashville VA Transplant Center, will pay for all travel, medical expenses to Nashville.There will be no out of pocket fees (medical,etc) for this gift.

Please contact my dad's transplant coordinator, Joanne Johnson at the Nashville VA Tennessee. (1-615-873-8668 ) They will ask you some questions regarding whether you're willingness to donate. THE VA will pay for your travel to Nashville for this. Please email me as well, to notify me of the interest in providing a gift of life to my dad. Thanks again for looking at this ad, even if you're not interested, please pass along to someone who might be interested. May God Bless you always.
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